We commit to:


  • Always conduct ourselves to the highest levels of ethics, integrity, accountability and responsibility.

  • Treat all our clients, prospects, leads and colleagues with dignity and respect.

  • Ensure that the confidentiality of our clients, prospects and leads is maintained, as required by the Data Protection Act.

  • We will not divulge any contact or other information to any third parties, without the written consent of those involved.

  • Maintain the professional standards and reputation of our profession.

  • Comply with the agreements made with respondents, potential respondents, students, clients, potential clients, leads, trainers, mentors and colleagues.

  • Make no claims or implications of results or outcomes that cannot be demonstrated or guaranteed.

  • Obtain written permission from any client or research participant before releasing their names as referee.

  • Ensure that all promotional materials, whether verbal or written, are decent, truthful, honest and in compliance with the requirements of the UK Advertising Standards Authority.