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Logotherapy and Existential Analysis – Viktor Frankl Legacy

Logotherapy and Existential Analysis – Dr Viktor Frankl Legacy

Logotherapy/Existential Analysis (LTEA) is an empirically based, meaning-centred approach to psychotherapy.

Logotherapy was developed by the Jewish Austrian psychiatrist and neurologist Dr. Viktor E. Frankl (1905-1997), who survived the horors of the Holocaust, and later published he international bestseller Man’s Search for Meaning.

Frankl maintains that the striving to find meaning and purpose in our lives are the primary and our most powerful motivational forces.

Logotherapy helps individuals transcend the self and use the power of meaning in order to face and conquer adversity, suffering, loss or tragedy.

Frankl’s vision has a powerful message of hope for us all. it fosters an attitude of resilience and optimism in the face of pain and loss. He views people as having three dimensions: body, mind and spirit, and according to Frankl, the spirit can never be sick.