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Introduction to Positive Psychology lecture

Welcome to Dr Rona Hart’s Lecture:

Introduction to Positive Psychology


Positive psychology is a fairly new branch of psychology. It was established in 1998 by Prof Martin Seligman, and today it is taught at a degree level only in few universities.


Positive psychology has two main strands of research. One can be generally defined as the psychology of success. It includes topics such as: goalsetting, optimism, motivation, strengths, problem solving, resilience, time orientation, self-image, self efficacy, beliefs, values, performance, and many others.

The second strand of reseach can be generally defined as the psychology of wellbeing and happiness. It is generally concerned with psychological and physical wellbeing and centres on topics such as: positive and negative emotions, positive thinking, optimism, relationships, choice, autonomy, authenticity, purpose, gratitude, flow, strengths, and many others.


Positive Psychology has two central concerns:

  • Firstly, to enable individuals to improve their psychological states and to enable them to be happier, more successful and healthier.

  • The second aim is preventative: to help people develop better psychological resilience, which would enable them to address life’s challenges with less distress.



This lecture introduces you to positive psychology by exploring some of the core themes that make up positive psychology, and provides some context for this new and exciting perspective within psychology.

We will begin by exploring the definition of positive psychology and questionning why it is needed, and how it differs from other branches of psychology?

We will then focus on some key terms and concepts within this field of study: happiness, wellbeing, success and strengths.

Throughout the lecture, you will be offered some exercises or assessment tools to help you implement your learning.



“The message of the Positive Psychology movement is to remind our field that it has been deformed. Psychology is not just the study of disease, weakness, and damage; it also is the study of strength and virtue. Treatment is not just fixing what is wrong; it also is building what is right. Psychology is not just about illness or health; it is about work, education, insight, love, growth, and play. And in this quest for what is best, Positive Psychology does not rely on wishful thinking, self-deception or hand-waving; instead it tries to adapt what is best in the scientific method to the unique problems that human behavior presents in all its complexity.”

Martin Seligman



What will you gain from this lecture?


  • You will understand the aim and scope of positive psychology and grasp the distinction between positive psychology principles and other theoretical principles of clinical psychology.

  • You will get a “map of the territory” for two of the most important areas of psychology: the psychology of success and the psychology of wellbeing and happiness.

  • You will develop an understanding of the dimensions of success and well-being.

  • You will gain insight into the ways in which positive psychology interventions are introduced, and experiment with a few interventions.

  • Develop curiocity and excitement for positive psychology.


Here are the details of this lecture:


For maximum effectiveness, this program is best conducted as an in-house programme.

Ideal group size: 8 – 200 participants.

Duration: 3 hours.

Cost: £300


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Meanwhile have a fantastic week!


Dr Rona Hart

Positive Psychology Centre

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